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Super !!!

Great application , very usefull , helpful , in one word SUPER !!!

Quite good

There may be similar tools, I picked this one and it definitely helped me enhance my iPhone experience. I want to use to 90% of my iphones capabilities, its more fun

Really Really GOOD!!



Overall well made easy to follow, some great tips, especially if you are new to the iphone


Very interesting and helpful Wonderful job putting this one in place thank you

Great for non-geeks

Im good with computers but I dont google tips for anything i dont know since the searches are often way off the mark and waste my time. Within 3 min of this app, i learned tips that I could have used 2 years ago. Tips that will help me get my mom to use her phone even more efficiently. Tips that EVEN my I.T. friends didnt know (folders for pictures) Worth the 1$.


I would not pay 5$, but for 1$ it is good

Not bad.

I read through the whole book and found only a handful of things I didnt know about the phone. Ive only had my phone for about 2 months and knew most of the things that were in here.

Just OK...

If you are a techy…pass on it…it only taught me one thing. If you are new to the iPhone world its a good introduction


Great app, easy to navigate and to the point. Very handy.

Just what I needed

I am a newbie and, yeah, I knew about a quarter of the stuff. But the rest has been well worth the dollar.

Good app

Good useful app better for newbies to iPhone needs the update for iOS 6!

New iOS

Please update the app please because the iOS 6 is complicated need some tips how to use


Taught me a lot


I learned a lot of cool tricks that are saving me time and frustration. I shared a few with my friends.


Learned some cool tricks!

Great App!

Download this NOW if you want to get to know all the ins and outs of your iPhone without spending hours reading the user manual!

Not bad, not bad at all.

Im always up to date and very good with iPhones, in fact Ive been a user since the first. Around 92% of the things included in this app are things I already know. However there was an 8% of things that really took my attention and was interested to learn about. All in all, the UI is easy and its a reader friendly app. Im sure most people will learn a lot from this app. This app will have to be very aware of new iOS software to continue the quality it offers.

iPhone Secrets

Im lovin learning a lot about my iPhone. :)

iPhone tips

Best app by a long shot. Just when I think I will pull my hair out because I cannot figure out how to do something. I remember my iPhone tips. It has never failed me. I love it.

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